Walter Pigg … a work in progress

Some of you have been asking where my next book is. Since the release of The Night Train in the spring of 2012, I’ve released one novel a year, most of them in March or April. So why the wait? Where is number six?
Last year was a very busy year for me at my day job. I traveled quite a bit and worked a ton of overtime, so I got behind on the writing. Typically I have a pretty good handle on the final draft by the end of December, then it takes a few months of polishing, formatting, purchasing a cover, and all those other tedious things that go
alone with self-publishing. This past December, the week before Christmas, I took the last of my vacation and sat down to finish my sixth manuscript. Trouble was, I didn’t much like the story I had written. I agonized over how to fix it for two days, then I deleted everything but the first scene. Sixty thousand words erased with the press of one key. I basically started over and, at that point, knew I would not be publishing anything in the spring of 2017. More than that, I knew I would not be publishing something I didn’t like. I will never do that.

Logan (my 14 year old genius of a son) and I recently had the following exchange:

Me: Walter Pigg is going to be my best work yet.
Logan: You ALWAYS say that.
Me: Well, if I didn’t think that I wouldn’t be writing it.

Will Walter Pigg be my best novel? I don’t know. That will be up to you, the reader, to decide.

When will you get the chance to decide? Soon, I hope. Probably late summer or early fall. My word count is currently at 123,000 words, and the end is in sight.

Thanks for asking.